2019 North Suburban Reassessment Reports

In 2019, properties in the North Suburb townships were reassessed. For each township, we produced an interactive map as well as reports about changes in the real estate market and about reassessed values for residential and commercial properties.


2019 North Suburban Reassessment Report

This report contains a summary of the Assessor's work following the completion of the triennial reassessment of the north suburbs in 2019. This report covers:

  • property valuation and assessments
  • comparison to real estate data
  • self-study of assessment accuracy, uniformity, and equity
  • information about property tax exemptions and incentives
  • accounts of over 200 meetings with property owners throughout Cook County
  • property tax analysis following the triennial reassessment of the north suburbs in 2019 (which affected property tax bills issued to homeowners in summer 2020)

2019 North Suburban Report

2019 North Suburbs Re-Assessments

The CCAO published the following reports when property owners in each township were mailed reassessment notices, which contain the CCAO's initial assessed values.