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 What to know before starting an online appeal:

How to File an Assessment Appeal Online

❓ Should I appeal my assessment? ✔️ If the property characteristics are incorrect, or if the estimated market value of your home is significantly more than what you believe your home could sell for in the current real estate market, you should consider filing an appeal. Watch the video below to learn more about appeals and how to file online. ----------------------------------------- Townships open for appeal: Rogers Park, Berwyn, New Trier, Cicero, Palatine, & Schaumburg View the full assessment calendar:

Posted by Cook County Assessor's Office on Monday, June 28, 2021
  • An email address is required. The email address used to create the account is how you will be emailed your Filing ID (used to access your online account), and your CCAO Appeal Docket Number (used to reference your appeal in the CCAO). 
  • When to start: it is best to start your filing when your property's township is open for appeals. Starting a file before your township is open may result in a deleted file or the need to restart the appeal.
  • Drafting a filing: once you have started a filing, you can save a draft, modify it, and upload attachments before submitting your filing.
  • Attachments: please supply your attachments with your appeal. Our analysts start reviewing your appeal as soon as they can, so attachments can NOT be submitted after an appeal has been submitted. Attachments include:
  • Submit your appeal before the township's deadline, and only once.  Only submitted filings will be received by the CCAO. Duplicate appeal filings are not recommended. If more than one appeal is filed for the same PIN, only the first appeal filed will be accepted. 
    • If your township is currently open for appeals but you receive an error when you try to submit your appeal, please follow these steps.
  • Results of your appeal will be sent by postal mail (not email).
  • Additional advice for non-residential property owners, and for practitioners:
    • The Official Appeal Rules of the Cook County Assessor apply to the entire appeal process. Filers must read and adhere to these rules.
    • When the subject of an appeal is an income-producing property, in whole or in part, it is also required to file the Real Property Income & Expense (RPIE) statement. See below.
    • There are different kinds of appeal filings. If your appeal is not for a home or condo, is suggested that you read the list below to see what kind of filing you should submit.
  • Questions? We're here to help. Please contact us any time by sending a message on the website, Facebook, or Twitter, or by calling us at (312) 443-7550.

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What step-by-step guides are available from the CCAO for appeals?

  • Complete online appeal documentation (50 page pdf)
  • Online appeal FAQs (3 page pdf)
  • Common reasons for residential appeals for single-family homes (Residential Appeals)

What kinds of CCAO appeal filings can be submitted online?

Online appeal filings are available for:

  • Residential properties (homes)
  • Condo/Co-Op (residential and commercial)
  • Commercial/Industrial properties
  • Class 3 apartment buildings with more than 6 units:
    • if the property is a condominium, please use the online Condo/Co-Op Online AppealOtherwise, please use the online Commercial Online Appeal.
  • Class 4 Not-For-Profit properties
    • Please use the Commercial Online Appeal and be sure to specify in the Appeal Narrative that you are seeking Class 4 status.
  • Class 5 Commercial/Industrial properties

  • Incentive properties
  • Omitted assessments
    • For Type of Appeal, please check the box for Other and then write “Omitted assessment” in the box that appears. Upload any relevant documents in the Attachments section. Be sure to file anonymized versions of each document intended for an analyst.
  • Vacant land including unimproved real estate

For all property types, please note that if you wish to file a Certificate of Error only for current or past years, this filing cannot currently be submitted online.

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I think my home was not assessed uniformly. How do I find comparable properties to compare my home's assessment to theirs?

Homes that are comparable (similar) to each other should have similar market values, and therefore similar assessed values. One way to evaluate whether your home has been assessed fairly, or uniformly, is to compare its assessment to the assessment of other comparable homes.

Learn more: What are Comparable Properties?

Or: Find Comparable Properties (including how to submit up to PINs of up to 6 comparable properties with an appeal)

Real Property Income & Expense

The Real Property Income & Expense (RPIE) form is a tool developed for owners of income-producing properties to report income, expense, and vacancy information about their buildings.

Submitted data helps us accurately capture the real estate market conditions for all properties in a region. Note that an RPIE statement is required for an appeal when the subject of an appeal is an income-producing property.

File an RPIE Online


For general questions and information about appeals, including how to file, please send us a message via the General Contact page on our website. 

For specific questions regarding errors using the online system, email


How do I start my Online Appeal with the Cook County Assessor’s Office?

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What happens after I submit my online appeal?

You will receive email confirmation of your filing, and a second email that contains your appeal docket number used to reference your appeal in the Office. Our analysts will process your appeal, make a decision about whether to adjust or not adjust your property's assessed value.

The results of the analyst's decision will be sent to you in the mail.

To check on the status of your appeal:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in.
  3. Click on My Filings.
  4. You will be able to review your appeal information.

All first installment bills are, by law, 55% of the total taxes paid the previous year. Any changes in assessment from the previous year, and all exemptions, appear on second installment bills sent in the summer.

If you experience issues with the online appeal system, please email