Property Tax Saving Brochures Available in Six Languages

Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Download in English, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Arabic, and Tagalog

ChicagoTo assist more property owners and better serve multilingual communities, the Cook County Assessor’s Office has printed important property tax exemption information in the five non-English languages spoken most often in Cook County. These languages were identified by the U.S. Census.

Please download A Guide to Property Tax Savings available in English, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Tagalog, and Arabic.

“With the many culturally diverse neighborhoods in Cook County, it is our priority to make resources and materials available to all homeowners. We will continue to create multilingual resources and offer bilingual workshops to increase awareness of our exemption programs and assist taxpayers with the application process,” Assessor Kaegi said.

If you are an organization servicing multilingual homeowners in Cook County and would like to partner with the CCAO by hosting an informational session on property tax assessments for your community members, please contact our Outreach Team at

Additional information regarding all exemptions may be found by visiting the Assessor’s website at,