Visitors Log

For safety concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cook County Assessor’s Office has occasionally been closed to the public for periods of time since March 2020. The visitors’ logs between March 2020 and November 2020 reflect virtual meetings that would otherwise have been conducted as in-person meetings.


As part of the executive order on ethics signed by Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi on day one of his administration, the Assessor's Office promised the following:

  "Sign-in logs shall be kept for persons transacting business at the CCAO who visit a particular officer or official in regard to an assessment appeal or other matter involving the exercise of discretion by an official, officer or manager. Such logs shall indicate the name of the visitor; date and time of the visit; the officer or official visited and purpose of the visit; and the law firm, company, or other business represented. "

These logs will be posted on a monthly basis within a reasonable time frame after the month has passed.


Visitor's Log

Visitors Log 2021 March (Virtual) march_2021_visitors_log_0.xlsx11.03 KB march_2021_visitors_log_0.pdf232.15 KB
Visitors Log 2021 February (Virtual) february_2021_visitors_log.xlsx11.16 KB february_2021_visitors_log.pdf230.98 KB
Visitors Log 2021 January (Virtual) january_2021_visitors_log.xlsx10.67 KB january_2021_visitors_log.pdf230.7 KB
Visitors Log 2020 December (Virtual) december_2020_visitors_log.xlsx10.04 KB december_2020_visitors_log.pdf223.63 KB
Visitors Log 2020 November (Virtual) CCAOVisitorsLogNov2020.xlsx16.67 KB CCAOVisitorsLogNov2020.pdf68.7 KB
Visitors Log 2020 October (Virtual) CCAOVisitorsLogOct2020.xlsx17.69 KB CCAOVisitorsLogOct2020.pdf83.71 KB
Visitors Log 2020 September (Virtual) CCAOVisitorsLogSept2020.xlsx17.53 KB CCAOVisitorsLogSept2020.pdf83.41 KB
Visitors Log 2020 August (Virtual) CCAOVisitorsLogAug2020.xlsx17.39 KB CCAOVisitorsLogAug2020.pdf81.81 KB
Visitors Log 2020 July (Virtual) CCAOVisitorsLogJuly2020.xlsx17.57 KB CCAOVisitorsLogJuly2020.pdf84.01 KB
Visitors Log 2020 June (Virtual) CCAOVisitorsLogJune2020.xlsx17.46 KB CCAOVisitorsLogJune2020.pdf81.69 KB
Visitors Log April-June 2020 CCAOVisitorsLogApr-Jun2020.xlsx16.03 KB CCAOVisitorsLogApr-Jun2020.pdf68.86 KB
Visitors Log 2020 May (Virtual) CCAOVisitorsLogMay2020.xlsx17.45 KB CCAOVisitorsLogMay2020.pdf81.99 KB
Visitors Log 2020 April (Virtual) CCAOVisitorsLogApr2020.xlsx18.5 KB CCAOVisitorsLogApr2020.pdf92.44 KB
Visitors Log 2020 March CCAOVisitorsLogMar2020_0.xlsx18.52 KB CCAOVisitorsLogMar2020_0.pdf118.05 KB
Visitors Log 2020 March (Virtual) CCAOVisitorsLogMar2020virtual.xlsx17.6 KB CCAOVisitorsLogMar2020virtual.pdf83.27 KB
Visitors Log 2020 February CCAOVisitorsLogFeb2020.xlsx23.88 KB CCAOVisitorsLogFeb2020.pdf138.27 KB
Visitor Log 2020 January CCAOVisitorsLogJan2020.xlsx20.78 KB CCAOVisitorsLogJan2020.pdf120.98 KB
Visitors Log 2019 December CCAOVisitorsLogDec2019.xlsx20.95 KB CCAOVisitorsLogDec2019.pdf116.81 KB
Visitor Log 2019 November CCAOVisitorsLogNov2019c.xls48 KB CCAOVisitorsLogNov2019_1.pdf111.59 KB
Visitor Log 2019 October CCAOVisitorsLogOct2019_0.xlsx22.33 KB CCAOVisitorsLogOct2019_0.pdf118.04 KB
Visitor Log 2019 September CCAOVisitorsLogSept2019_0.xlsx29.48 KB CCAOVisitorsLogSept2019_0.pdf140.09 KB
Visitor Log 2019 August CCAOVisitorsLogAugust2019_0.xlsx31.22 KB CCAOVisitorsLogAugust2019_0.pdf154.45 KB
Visitor Log 2019 July CCAOVisitorsLogJuly2019_0.xlsx24.59 KB CCAOVisitorsLogJuly2019_0.pdf98.85 KB
Visitor Log 2019 June CCAOVisitorsLogJune2019_0.xlsx19.82 KB CCAOVisitorsLogJune2019_0.pdf121.77 KB
Visitor Log 2019 May CCAOVisitorsLogMay2019_0.xlsx19.52 KB CCAOVisitorsLogMay2019_0.pdf116.36 KB
Visitor Log 2019 April CCAOVisitorsLogApr2019_0.xlsx19.93 KB CCAOVisitorsLogApr2019_0.pdf118.03 KB
Visitor Log 2019 March CCAOVisitorsLogMar2019_0.xlsx22.14 KB CCAOVisitorsLogMar2019_0.pdf139.06 KB
Visitor Log 2019 February CCAOVisitorsLogFeb2019_0.xlsx22.29 KB CCAOVisitorsLogFeb2019_0.pdf122.84 KB
Visitor Log 2019 January CCAOVisitorsLogJan2019_0.xlsx18.01 KB CCAOVisitorsLogJan2019_0.pdf111.8 KB